She became herselfWhen:  6.30 -9.00pm on Monday 9th June 2014

Where:  Lighthouse Centre

Fee:  £20.00 or bring a friend and you both go for £15,00 each!

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When a woman experiences her own beauty and the joy of feeling comfortable in her own skin, she radiates Light. When a woman is connected with her own love for life and her own self-worth, Light radiates out through the pores in her skin. It’s not just men who are attracted to “Light-filled women,” women are also drawn to those that radiate a beautiful Light from within. Your radiance has the power to attract strong friendships, great business opportunities, and the right attention at the right time. Rachael Jayne Groover

In the pursuit of a career, or in taking care of so many people around you, have you disconnected from your own needs, passions, and desires?

Do you find yourself “pushing” to make things happen in life often leaving you exhausted?

Do you find yourself often doing things you feel obliged to do, opposed to things that bring you joy, comparing to others, or feeling you should be in a different place physically or spiritually?

In business, do you have something of value to offer, but you’re not making the impact you could because you’re scared of being judged?

The Feminine Essence lives inside every woman. However often our experiences of life and the conditioning we receive builds up layers that keep our vibrant essence hidden from view. We contract and shut down so that we are blocked from accessing our own inner power. In this workshop you will be introduced to some powerful practices that will help you connect more fully with your feminine essence and energy.

Siobhan is the founder of the Lighthouse Center in Belfast. Last year she was chosen from 1000’s of nominations to be one of only three finalists in the UK Inspirational Woman of the Year Awards because of the amazing work she is doing. She is a certified Art of Feminine Presence teacher, an experienced yoga and meditation teacher and a Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Her humorous style combines powerfully with a deep empathy and engaging storytelling style to create a safe and powerful space for self enquiry and growth.

Here’s what some previous students have said:

“Just completed 5 week art of feminine presence classes and was absolutely blown away by them. Truly a wonderful experience and learned lifelong skills and tools that I can use for my personal and professional life. Highly recommend for everyone woman no matter what age. It is invaluable! Siobhan is such a fantastic facilitator and brings so much fun to it also with her unique approach. It’s a great way to meet and bond with other females who you witness blossoming in front of your eyes. Beautiful! Thank you to all!” Kate

“The Art of the Feminine Presence course undoubtedly made a difference in my life and enhanced the life tools I already had in place. Since participating I have felt more empowered to take action and make changes in my life that I usually only talked about. Thank you Siobhan! and all the Women in the group, it was an honour.” Paula

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