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20th July

Brazilian Night

26 SEptember

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20 September 2012

So what another great month for our Pay It Forward Community Cafe!

The highlight was definitely the visit from Shirley Potter who shared her amazing artistic talents so generously for three days last week. We all watched in amazement as two gorgeous murals appeared before our eyes. The visit was made extra special by all the visitors who popped in to offer encouragement and add a few daubs to the walls.

Esther and Gerry Hicks note how the main mistake we make in trying to attract in good things is that we point our boat upstream – we think everything has to be a struggle and so we work and effort. The fact is according to Abraham, that all we want lies downsteam and if we just turn our boat around and go with the flow more, we will find life can be less of a struggle than we think necesary.

It’s not your work to make anything happen. It’s your work to dream it and let it happen. Law of Attraction will make it happen. In your joy, you create something, and then you maintain your vibrational harmony with it, and the Universe must find a way to bring it about. That’s the promise of Law of Attraction. — Abraham

The Community Cafe is growing a bit like that- without any financial backing day by day we move effortlessly towards opening day.
We will officially fling open the doors on Saturday 27th October – we will have a one pot wonder menu – every day a fresh soup and pot of somthing – stew, chili, curry- whatever depending on what is fresh and available to us that day, along with some home baked bread.

A big shout out this month to all those who helped make sure the cafe boat continues to float on downstream so happily – Tom and Anto for hanging and building,the Two Maries and Seana for the great fundraising night, Charlie Johnston for the Pay it Forward bracelets, Jane Talbot and Angel Blu for raffle prizes, Lynda, Anne, Phil, Sean and Collette for directing on our Advisory Group:-); Kate Connon for lovely gifts; Noleen for Soul Library books,Shirley for just being amazing; all our mural painters; Root Soup for their very generous offer of providing the food on opening day- love that; and last but very definitely not least a massive thank you to Peter who has offered to do our building work on installing the kitchen. Unbeliveably Peter is offering his work free! We are so very grateful – call in and offer him your support when he starts the work on Monday 1st October. And for those who we may have forgotten- thank you!

So how about you think about where you might effort less and dream more? Try feeling how you will when your dream comes true – focus on that feeling and see how the Law of Attraction makes things move in your direction. Nothing to lose?
Row, row, row your boat , gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream…

Friday 6th July

Last Saturday a bunch of kind souls came together to help shape the Pay IT Forward cafe at the Lighthouse Centre. We agreed that the cafe will happen and will open its doors on Friday 3rd August! If you want to get involved please get in touch lighthousecentre4@gmail.com.

Here’s hoFront of Lighthousew it will work – the cafe will open initially on Fridays and Saturdays. It will be staffed by volunteers who will be giving back by serving the customers. People will be invited to pay from the heart- paying what they can afford and remembering that if they pay a bit more than it’s worth they are paying it forward for someone who can’t afford to eat.

We will make the cafe a friendly, loving and welcoming place for all – a place where people can feel at home and can be linked  in if wanted to all the other healing activities in the centre.

We had hundreds of ideas for developing the cafe which we will share as we move forward. Our next big step is tomorrow (Saturday7th July) when whoever is willing and able will be coming in at 10am to help move furniture, paint and clean and generally plan how to take the next steps. We will provide a lovely lunch at 1230 prepared by Angela and finish the afternoon with a planning and vision session.Do come along if you’d like to help in any way!

Exciting news from the Pay It Forward Foundation

We have been in touch with Charlie Johnston- head of the global Pay It Forward foundation. He likes our idea and has kindly agreed to send us a supply of Pay It Forward bracelets to get us started.

Siobhan has also agreed to head the Ireland Pay IT Forward movement  so right across the country the Pay It Forward idea can be spread from the Lighthouse Centre, generating acts of kindness from Belfast to Cork. Watch this video to hear all about the Pay IT Forward foundation- be inspired, and then contact us to see how you can be involved!


Thank You Very Much!!

In true Pay It Forward style the cafe is unfolding from many acts of kindness and generosity – we  want to thank from the bottom of our hearts :

  • everyone who has offered to help set up or volunteer – we’ll not name you all here but your day will come!!
  • Action Mental Health for the gift of tables, chairs and kitchen equipmentHappiness consists in giving and serving others
  • Donna at AMH for all her support with getting the equipment sorted
  • Dermie for moving all the stuff at no charge
  • Sean and Angela for the gift of a cooker and hob
  • Deborah for the gift of a beautiful healing prayer book for cafe customers
  • Lynda for the gift of crockery
  • Kenny and Dermie for knocking down the wall to make way for the cafe
  • Charlie Johnston for helping us take it all to a higher level

Wish List ..just saying

So we agreed at last week’s gathering to spread the word about a wish list of things that’ll make the cafe happen…if you can help with anything please let us know

  • Flat screen tv (we want to show uplifting movies and have a notion of inviting older people in for regular screening of old time movies)
  • pots, pans, cutlery, dishes etc
  • small table and chairs for outside UPDATE! we now have this, thanks Angela
  • fancy coffee machine UPDATE! we now have this and please do pop in for a lovely capuchino, mocha, chocolate, espresso…
  • fridge/freezer UPDATE! we now have this
  • cash register
  • personal development or spiritual books (for our soul book shelves which people can read during a visit or take away with them UPDATE! thank you Mary Nugent, Noleen, Debbie, Katherine Connon, and Maria Garvey for filling the library with a great supply of books
  • sign with blackboard that can be placed on street

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”~ Italian proverb