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Contact Siobhan for more details at siobhanbogues73@gmail.com Payment by installment is welcome- £50 at first lesson and £50 on 7th February

Contact Siobhan for more details at siobhanbogues73@gmail.com
Payment by installment is welcome- £50 at first lesson and £50 on 7th February


Love In Action

LOVE In Action -get ready to take your spiritual learning outside the class and into your life!

LOVE In Action -get ready to take your spiritual learning outside the class and into your life!

New supported study course from leading spiritual teacher, Harshada Wagner available at the Lighthouse Centre, Belfast from February – September  2014

We are thrilled to announce that from February we will be hosting another home study course from leading transformational teacher, Harshada Wagner.

Over the past three years Siobhan Bogues has been honoured to support these powerful and life changing study groups in the Lighthouse Centre where students meet to discuss and experience deep spiritual transformation drawing on life experiences and the deeply impactful teachings of Harshada Wagner.

LOVE in Action is about putting our spiritual attainment into action in our lives. We will look at the practice of service and living in constant contact with our higher Truth.

The course consists of fortnightly study group sessions accompanied by emailed lessons by  Harshada which you will work on between sessions. Each study group session will include guided meditation, group discussion and individual exercises. Four sessions  will include a webcast from Harshada who will directly teach through video classes.

LOVE in Action is only for students who are seriously committed to their own transformation and who are willing to fully embrace all aspects of the programme over an 8 month period. Course fees cover 16 workshop sessions, fortnightly emailed lessons and individual support from Siobhan. For further details or queries  email Siobhan


Full fee is £300 which may also be paid in 3 instalments of £120.

Previous students told us:

Working through the lessons as part of Siobhan’s group has allowed me to explore not only my own perspective but also what other people are getting from the lessons – this makes for a much broader learning experience than if I was just studying on my own.

It’s great working as part of a group where we build trust and support through exploring the lessons together – I’ve learnt a lot and am always motivated by doing this work with others and listening to their experiences and interpretations of what we are working on.

If I was trying to do this alone, I might have given up by now.  Siobhan enables us to discuss, debate, learn and sometimes just sit with some of the challenges that the lessons present.  I always leave feeling motivated and stimulated.

For full details go here    http://lighthouseireland.net/wagners-ireland-tour/

D. Harshada Wagner's Ireland Tour


In The Wee Tranquil Moments

In the wee tranquil moments I find my peace

When nature fills me with delight and gives me hope and cause to stop

And drink in it’s splendour with much applause.

The tree leaves sparkle in the frosted morn

The robin bids the day to dawn

In the midst of winter my thoughts move ahead

And imagine flowers that Spring will be born.

The butterfly spreading it’s colourful wings

On the petals of flowers so contoured and gay

With the sun showcasing it’s magical beams

I leave with fulfillment as I go on my way.

LOVE Course Study Group

“In this age, in this time, the power of satsang cannot be underestimated. It’s important to surround yourself with people who help bring out the best in you. Good company is that company that constantly helps you to keep growing and keep expanding. In the University of Love, it’s good to have some study buddies. Find people with whom you can share insights about sadhana.” Harshada Wagner

Just a reminder to students on Harshada Wagner’s LOVE course that our study group will meet 3 more times – this group provides an opportunity to support and be supported in your sadhana.

330 – 500 Saturday 28 July
630 – 8 pm Tuesday 7 August
630 – 8 pm Tuesday 14 August

The fun doesn’t have to end here!


Flourish Fest was organised through the Lighthouse Centre, Belfast – a newly opened wellness centre that aims to bring healing and transformational opportunities to as many people as possible in Ireland.

We are especially committed to bringing International Teachers and Inspirational Leaders who may not otherwise get to share their gifts here.  This will be done through our Annual Flourish Fever Programme.

For further information and events please click on the the Flourish Fever Logo.