Independent Advocacy Network

Supporting men and women with a learning disability to be in the driving seat when decisions are made that affect them

WE are pleased to support the work of VOCAL – to contact VOCAL or find out more about their great work visit their website http://vocallighthouse.com/

VOCAL provides a full range of advocacy activities including:

  • supporting user involvement in decision making fora, examples of this would include services such as Health & Social Care, Housing, Education, Training and Employment
  • support & training for self-advocacy groups
  • supporting groups of service users to take collective action
  • one-to-one  independent advocacy service on issue of policy or strategic importance
  • supporting the views to be heard from people who cannot talk
  • Supporting people with a learning disability to proof policies and written material to make them more accessible
  • train and support peer reviewers for inspection, quality audits

VOCAL works across all areas of citizenship not confining itself to health and social care.