The Lighthouse Centre offers a healing space for people who have been battered by the storms of life and who have had enough!

We know that programmes with the Lighthouse Centre founder Siobhan Bogues totally change how people feel about themselves and their life.

Now we are facing our fears and will jump out off a plane on July 27th to set up the Lighthouse Leap Scholarship. This will support at least  30 people to take part in a study programme, Art of Feminine Presence circle, yoga or  meditation courses or retreats with Siobhan.

We want their lives to transform like ours did.

Lisa’s Story

Everyone I have met at the Lighthouse has helped me on my journey of healing. In less than 6 months of practicing the Art of Feminine presence

Lisa and her son Ethan will take the leap in July

Lisa and her son Ethan will both take the leap in July

and yoga I have emerged from my cocoon and I’m ready to fly! I shall face my greatest fear by jumping out of a plane (YIKES!) Help me to pay it forward by supporting the raising of funds to facilitate other women in our community to have the opportunity to reawaken a powerful strength within themselves to achieve a life full of possibilities, in doing this you will be changing lives!

Linda’s Story

I have two sons. I lost my youngest 18 months ago when he was 25. My world had shattered and my heart was broken. I called into the Lighthouse Centre to seek advice about yoga and meditation to see if I could ease my pain not only the mental anguish but also the physical pain I still suffered from having my leg amputated in 2009. That day was a major turning point in my life. I was surrounded by women who nurtured and supported me and with their help I have slowly been piecing together the fragments of my shattered life in that welcoming and healing space.

Support the leap!

On Sunday 20th July Lisa, Ethan  and Linda will leap out off a plane to raise funds for the Lighthouse Leap Scholarship.

If you would like to support them

  •  Make a donation by Paypal to or drop a cheque to the Lighthouse Centre
  • Join one of our fundraising events – details below
  • Offer to run your own event to help us reach our target. Ask at the centre for sponsorship forms
  • Offer to help us get the Leap off the ground email


Email Siobhan if you want to apply for a scholarship stating how you meet the criteria and the programme you wish to join

Email Siobhan if you want to apply for a scholarship stating how you meet the criteria and the programme you wish to join